Sunday, March 1, 2015

I'm Back!

I've decided to reopen my old blog. I felt I needed the space to actually write some posts in full as most social media sites require short, brief messages. A lot has changed in my art career over the past year and I figured it was time to start showing what I've been doing, learned and what I am still learning now. I've found an incredible love for watercolor painting and just painting in general. I've pretty much put away the Copic markers and have been strictly painting everything from small 3.5x2.5 inch trading cards for companies and commissions to large 11x17 sized pieces. I've also been setting up at conventions here in the New England area which has been a great experience and will be looking forward to doing more in 2015.

There's been 4 major influential artists that have, through following them on their channels on YouTube, websites or meeting them in person, taught and inspired me to no end over this past year. I thought it was only right to give them the credit they deserve.

Jeff  Miracola - Jeff is a Fantasy Artist and Illustrator whose work can bee seen in licensed works such as Magic the Gathering and Mars Attacks. I found Jeff via YouTube and have enjoyed his videos to no end. Jeff works mainly in acrylics and oil paints, which is something I'm slowly working into, and his sense of humor seems to mirror my own which makes him very easy to relate to and follow. All of his videos are worth watching as you will learn something different from each and everyone of them and make sure to watch them to the end as some of them contain his "blooper reels" which will leave you on the floor in laughter. You can find out more about Jeff Miracola at and at

James Gurney -  James Gurneys is a multi-talented painter whose work has been seen in the pages of Scientific America, National Geographic,United States Postal Service and his own series of well known books Dinotopia to name a few. James Gurney by far one of the most diverse painters I've seen. From watercolor, to gouache, to acrylics, and oils, and everything in between. His YouTube channel shows his diversity in painting mediums in many different situations from his in studio work to plein air painting across America and overseas. His blog is just a wealth of art knowledge with hours of great reading, photos and inspiration. You can find out more about James Gurney at and at

Steve Mitchell - Steve Mitchell is an amazing watercolor painter and an asset to anyone interested in the medium. His approach to what he calls "The Mind of Watercolor" is not only unique but extremely informative. From paper, brushes, watercolor pencils and paints, his series of ongoing videos cover nearly every possible technique or question a watercolor artist might have. He doesn't follow the stiff cookie cutter approach to art instruction and keeps each video very entertaining and informative. If you are into watercolor painting or looking to learn this is a DO NOT MISS channel! You can find out more about Steve Mitchell at and at

Bud Cook - Bud Cook is a painter and illustrator whose work has been seen in Magic The Gathering, Dark Horse Comics and Image Comics. I met Bud Cook last year at Free Comic Book day in our home state of Connecticut. Buds approach to painting is very unique with his use of color and shapes and it just amazes me with the level of realism and detail he accomplishes in every painting. A technique that not many artists can pull off successfully I might add. Bud also posts on his Tumblr page with a morning coffee sketch of people and celebrities with spot on accuracy to their likenesses. I'm always looking forward to seeing what celebrity he does next!  You can find out more about Bud Cook at and at

I must add that these small write-ups on each of these very talented artists do not give the the full credit they deserve. Please take some time and visit their sites and see for yourself! You won't be disappointed!


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